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AAIOB was established by members charter in 1997 in Johannesburg, SA with Ten (10) founding members.


The Mission of the Alliance as stated in its charter is "To promote co-operation and create greater understanding among members in banking education and training."


Its Vision is "To be recognized as the leading Organization and umbrella Body representing All Banking Institutes in Africa in the development of Banking Education and Training on the Continent."


Its Objective is "To co-ordinate and develop the Banking profession on the African continent through its member organizations by promoting Internationally Acceptable Professional Standards of Competence and Conduct."

Since its inception in 1997 the Alliance's major activities have been the following

Moderation of Members' Examinations

The Alliance has engaged an external/neutral body to moderate members' examinations. This was intended to harmonize examination standards across the continent, to provide benchmarking of members' qualifications and to provide a basis for cross-recognition of members' qualifications

Biennial Conference

The Alliance conducts a "banking & finance" conference every two years. The objective of the conference is to enable members study emerging developments in the banking & finance sector and to provide a forum for dialogue and networking among the various financial services stakeholders and banking institutes in Africa and globally. The conference is open to all member institutes/organizations, leaders and senior management in the banking and finance sectors across Africa and other Local and International Stakeholders in Financial Services.

World Conference of Banking Institutes

The Alliance (through its member institutions) is well represented in the biennial "World Conference of Banking Institutes (WCBI)." The major role of WCBI is to study developments in the area of Banking Education and Training. Like the AAIOB conference, WCBI also provides a forum for stakeholders in the Global Banking & Finance sector to meet and dialogue on major developments impacting on the sector and also provide a basis for seeking solutions to the complex Human Capital deployment within the wider financial services environment.

Staff Exchange Programme (SEP)

The Alliance provides a forum for "Staff Exchange Programme" to enable staff of interested member institutes to visit and study each others' operations and activities. Apart from providing a forum of sharing of knowledge, skills and experiences, the SEP actually helps towards standardizing the quality of education and training programmes among participating organizations and institutes.

Theme of the Conference

The theme of this year conference is : "Leveraging disruptive innovation as a catalyst toward Africa economic integration". Africa financial industry is rapidly changing. The major force behind this change is technology. We see blockchain technology being adopted, mobile payment made easy by telecommunication companies, all those followed by risks such as cyber crimes and other similar financial related crimes. How are the banking Institutes ready to deliver the right content to the financial sector players as the requirements for compliance are becoming tighter than before on the Africa continent. Also, how does innovation & technology be laveraged on by banking institute to develop talents that caneasily work across the continent as Africa become one trading block.

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Objectives of the AAIOB Conference

The major objective of the conference is to sensitize the Banking industry on its role in the financial services sector and on the countrys' economy as a whole.The conference also aims to promote the Banking standards as the Banking is one of the key drivers of an economy.

Additionally, the AAIOB members will be provided with a platform to deliberate on the development of the right education that takes into consideration disruptive innovation in the financial sector and take measures on how to standardize education and how Africa certification programs can be mutually recognized across the continent.

Targeted Audience

The conference audience targets middle to senior level cadres in the financial services sector as well as professionals from academia, government, development institutions and regulatory bodies with a leaning to and interest in financial sector education issues and trends.

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